How high are your hurdles?

Failure can shake our confidence.


We see it with high profile athletes all the time. They train themselves for years to reach the big stage. They prepare meticulously, ready to contend with whatever might come.


And still…sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes the next level of pressure can cause a mistake. Sometimes something unexpected happens. Whatever the reason, when the time comes to perform, they don’t.


We have all experienced this. Confidence disappears. And the next time it comes to perform, there is self doubt.


In our hearts we know this is the time when we must dig deep, drawing on our determination and perseverance, whatever our field. These are the qualities that champions possess, allowing them to grow and strengthen in times of adversity.


Sometimes though, pulling through challenges can be hard…harder than it should be. In our hearts we still believe in our own selves, but for whatever reason, convincing our mind of this fact isn’t so simple.


What if we understood why our mind was being so stubborn?  What if we understood the mechanics, the chemistry of the problem?  What if we understood that it was the emotion that we had attached to our failure that made it so difficult to overcome?  What if we realised that the problem might lie in the parts of the brain that were designed to protect us in our most threatening situations?


Because let’s face it, we often treat that match, that presentation, that relationship, as if it was life or death.


EFT is a revolutionary new technique that is able to disarm the fight or flight response of the brain, enabling us to process our difficult emotions in the moment and reduce the impact past fears can have in our lives.


Life is challenging, especially for those who strive the hardest. Better to move on to the next challenge quickly and continue the journey, than get stuck fighting our own minds in needless battles. 


Be equipped. Take life in your stride. Thrive with EFT.


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