The Amygdala Diaries - Part 1

Dear Amygdala,

It’s a pleasure to know about you. Tiny as you are, hidden as an almond shaped part of my subconscious brain, I’m told that you act as a super connector. You are the one that makes me feel all of these intense emotions, whether they are real or perceived. I accept your importance.

Thank you for keeping me in check by alerting my body when real danger is nearby. I also have a little gripe with you, in that you can sometimes make me feel scared when the threat is merely perceived. I get that it’s not your fault. You are just doing your job, of alerting me whenever there is a trigger.

I’m curious to know more about you, and also for you to feel calm and to get to know me. So, I thought maybe we could connect with some stories. I do have a few for you and I hope we can open the communication pathways. So, let’s be pen pals.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours truly

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