Thrive With EFT helps individuals achieve their potential, be it a sense of peace, establishing a healthy self care practice, removing negative mental chatter, clearing blocks to success or reaching any desired goal. We deliver workshops and personalised sessions. Every individual is unique in their life story, stage of life and journey. The personal care demonstrated to our clients is based on a sound understanding of our own break throughs and struggles.  Most of all, we are passionate about making the process easy and simple.  As Arishma says - growth can be fun!

Team Thrive

Hailing from the beautiful islands of Fiji in the South Pacific, Arishma is of Indian descent. She has been living in Sydney, Australia for the last 18 years.


Coming from a family of teachers, high performance has been an intrinsic value of Arishma's. She was the Dux of her primary and secondary schools in Fiji. In June 2000, Arishma travelled alone to Australia on a student visa. To meet her financial obligations, she found herself juggling both studies and work priorities. Arishma graduated with honours (B.Com) from the University of New South Wales in 2005.


Post graduation, she continued to strive towards success, working for credible brands like American Express, HRX (now People Scout), Google Australia, and recently with Pivot Software as Head of Sales (Asia Pacific).  


Driven, ambitious and a hard worker, she was happy to work long hours, enjoying the benefits of recognition, great pay and the comfort life brought. So she continued to strive for the next success. However, Arishma's success came at a cost.

In 2010 Arishma was admitted to hospital suffering severe pancreatitis, where she spent 3 weeks fighting for her life in ICU and 3 months in post recovery. This was the beginning of facing the repercussions of neglecting her mental and physical well being, and also the start yeah of her journey of self  discovery, acceptance of her conditions and healing. 


In addition to regular medical care, she also discovered complementary modalities, such as meditation, mindfulness, Reiki, cognitive and behavioural therapies, body work, Bikram Yoga, EFT, Kinesiology etc.  She found EFT used by several therapists and they were proving to be very effective in crisis management.   Arishma is a Reiki Master (Usui, Holy Fire & Karuna Reiki).  As an EFT Practitioner, she is certified by AAMET and also a member of The Gary Craig Optimal EFT Course. Arishma is dedicated to her ongoing professional development in this field. 


Being a high performer, she empathises with the challenges ambitious individuals face in their journey towards success. The struggles experienced by you are understood. If she has gained anything tangible from her work life, it is active listening skills. She is able to aptly use her corporate experience to create sessions and programs tailored to the individual or group. She is passionate about helping you thrive in whatever area you wish to work on, be it self care, finding that motivation and empowering you in achieving success the way you hope you to gain. 


Robert Edwards, like many Kiwis now calls Australia home. Be it corporate events  (ICC ) in industries such as hospitality, theatre, live shows or private gigs, Robert has dealt with them all. With over 15 years of experience in providing silver services, a la carte services, interior decorations and set up for functions, Rob prides himself in providing genuine customer service. 


Rob is passionate about being a guide to teenagers in his own personal mission, whether it is simply being a 'Big Bro' or being an understanding role model. A great listener, Robert has keen interest in non-violent communication, spiritual growth and bringing people together.   It's a pleasure to announce Robert on board as our Director - Customer Service & Events. We love the attitude and the commitment to thrive Rob brings in delivering a memorable experience for all our clients at the workshops. 

Ottilie Bick-Simpson brings an array of experience in community development, project and event management to us.  A graduate of Macquarie University with Bachelor of Social Science, Ottilie is dedicated to creating positive change.


With over 15 years of experience, working on sustainability projects with organisations like City of Sydney, Transport for NSW, Ethnic Communities' Council of NSW & St James Ethics Centre, Ottilie brings a wealth of expertise to our program creation. As an avid traveller and teacher of English as a second language with World Teach, Ottilie shares the vision of Thrive With EFT in empowering youth, the leaders of our future. We are excited to announce Ottilie as our Programs Director.

Thrive Tribe

While we are a specialist in the tool called EFT, we also recognise and admire other modalities and avenues that can help you thrive. Hence, we have formed a Thrive Tribe, where through our own experience, we are endorsing the partners of Thrive With EFT for you reaching the heights of your own thrive!

Gillian Kozicki | Founder of Cultured Artisans


Gut health is acknowledged to be of prime importance to our well being. We cannot look any further than Cultured Artisans. Gillian was a key contributor in helping me regain my gut health after I returned from hospital.


Cultured Artisans empowers people to ferment to better health. Gillian Kozicki is the passion behind Cultured Artisans. When conventional medicine failed to keep Gillian well, she investigated alternatives, starting with whole foods and a healthy organic diet. Gillian has combined her love of home prepared good food and supporting good health.



Michelle Dixon | Founder of Deep Empowerment 


Body image and sexual health are topics we shy away from but cannot ignore when it comes to its importance. Michelle's focus on female empowerment has been a strong influence. 


With a Ph.D in Economics, Diplomas in Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy and NeuroLinguistic Programming with training in Myofascial release therapy, Shamanic Body De-armouring and a top rated Udemy instructor, Michelle brings a wealth of knowledge with her. Initially focusing on sexual trauma healing, her clientele has expanded over the years to those who have experienced violence (emotional and physical), divorce, loss, addiction, serious illness and more. 


Michelle has led more than 30 workshops and 3 retreats around the world. She has been featured at the Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex, Celebrating Sexuality Festival in Melbourne, a regular contributor to publications on business matters on Flying Solo, and writing about intimacy, biology and relationships at Living Now. 


A qualified youth mentor, Michelle has a special interest in at-risk youth. As a mother of three adolescent children, Michelle is passionate about working with adolescents. 

Sam Dahl | Founder SD Chiropractic


With Masters in Clinical Chiropractic, Bachelors of Health Sciences (Chiropractic) and Certification in Applied Kinesiology as well as Diploma in Remedial Massage, Sam has demonstrated both passion and knowledge whenever I have seen him for consultation.  

I respect Sam's drive towards continuous learning and focus as a health care provider. Sam's gentle and considered approach has given me great results. A true gentleman, it is always a pleasure to deal with him.  Some of the techniques Sam uses are:



Applied Kinesiology 

Sacro Occiputal Techniques

Total Body Modification

Retained Neonatal Reflexes. 

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