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November 11, 2018
This workshop helps you discover what you can do to for your own self care using the practice of emotional freedom technique (EFT).

June 16, 2018
This workshop is for teenagers and their parents. Arishma is passionate about this interesting dynamic. We will use the emotional freedom techniques to navigate some of the challenges faced by teenagers today and how we can empower them to resolve it

June 04, 2018
This workshop is held at Crows Nest and helps you reduce pain using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

May 25, 2018
A practical series of workshops on goals using the practice of emotional freedom technique (EFT)

May 05, 2018
Welcome to introduction to EFT (emotional freedom technique) workshop. I will teach you the theory behind this practice, history, clinical trial research, its application, live demonstration and interactive exercises.

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