Self care is Self Love

Self care is crucial for our physical, mental and emotional well being. Some of us are quite good at the physical part of eating well, getting sunlight and exercising. Some go further into emotional health with mindfulness, journaling and meditation. Mental health, unfortunately, has a stigma attached to it. Society has conditioned us to label that anyone having a mental health challenge is basically “crazy” or “mentally ill”. This creates a reactive expression in our self communication and we block our frontal cortex by 'over functioning', repressing our emotions where no one can reach (not even ourselves).[h1]



  • How do you communicate with yourself?
  • What is your inner dialogue?
  • What are your belief systems?
  • What are your thought patterns?


Despite being quite successful academically and professionally, I was not content with my inner-self. Inherently I carried a fear of failure and felt like a weirdo.


I also believed that I was very good with self care, but it was inconsistent and was based on my moods. There were phases:  yoga classes, retreats, sporadic dieting or cleansing “health kicks”, the list goes on. I was trying very hard.


 That is what I knew how to do best. Try hard, work hard and run myself into the ground.   


I was holding tightly to the following belief systems:


  • I am unlovable
  • No matter how hard I try, its not enough.
  • Money comes with hard work only.
  • I am not worthy/deserving/important.
  • Others come first....


This workshop is about your self care.


With some interactive exercises, we will excavate the deeply held belief systems we have that makes us say things like - 'I am so stupid", "I am an idiot", "There I go again, nut case", "I can't do it", "Its not in me" ...


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