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Arishma is a highly trained and natural stage speaker, and is available for keynote speaking events, either live or online.




“Arishma has an inspiring, enlightening and motivating energy. She is relatable to ALL women, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, colour and size. This year’s theme for the 2021 International Women’s Day is ‘Choose to challenge’, Arishma invites us to tap into our internal strength to combat obstacles that come our way. Her use of the Wonder Woman analogy felt personable and relatable. The 3 key traits mentioned; resilience, responsibility and respect really spoke to me. Wonder Woman is dignified in how she handles herself, despite all her internal challenges. Arishma put things so simply. Her thirst for knowledge, her inquiring mind and her deep interest in people make her an incomparably resourceful and enlightening professional.”

— Madeline Mastro-Battista, AFEX, Direct Sales Specialist

“As a woman from a cultural and religious minority trying to navigate the nuances of the corporate world and break the glass ceiling, Arishma’s message deeply resonated with me. Her speech was empowering and paves the way for reconciliation as she eloquently conveys that the struggle women have faced throughout history, and continue to face in the 21st century, is the collective responsibility of humanity.”

— Sarah Elmasri, TurksLegal, Lawyer

“Arishma’s message really hit home for me. I am currently trying to become my own wonder woman and find my purpose in this life. I loved that she spoke about her own life experience and asked some questions that we could reflect on as well. She has inspired me to go for my dreams.”

— Hayley Pepper, TurksLegal, Secretary

“One word - Empowering.”

— Lucy Chen, CBP, Solicitor

“Our continued focus is on well being. It tied well with our strategy, giving our employees a new way of looking at stress reduction techniques and mindfulness. Arishma was awesome, really high energy and did an amazing job. I noticed everyone’s body language and they are interested to learn more about the techniques.”

— Anmarie Forrester - Experian - HR Director, Australia NZ Japan

“It was my first time hearing about EFT. I was really impressed with the research. Arishma is very interesting, engaging, clear, articulate, informative, personable and very honest in the way she told her story. I can definitely see ways I can use it for myself and my family. I looked around the room and everyone was listening.”

— Nick York - Adobe - Business Development Manager / Product Specialist Federal and State Government

“Arishma unpacked the psychology of the mind and its role In our thoughts, habits, values and emotions. She is Energetic, Engaging and a Vibrant Speaker.”

— Carla Kuipers, Partnership Manager, NSW TrainLink

“The demonstration was amazing. I really felt a shift. Arishma is engaging and practical.”

— Kim Seeling Smith, CEO, Ignite Global

“Practical information that was delivered in the most pleasant way. Arishma is relatable, kind and engaging.”

— Greg Sellar, Corporate Trainer, 3SIXTY

“Arishma is a breath of fresh air who draws you in with her heart filled smile and openness. She’s a delightful blend of east and west and demonstrates the ease at which we can change how our mind is behaving. Arishma is insightful, compassionate and cheeky.”

— Alison Kennedy, Consulting Director, Insight Alley

“Her acronym for how to THRIVE is awesome and I’ll definitely be using it in 2021. As a speaker, Arishma is warm, compelling, inspiring and inviting.”

— Su Temlett, Learning Consultant, Instructure

“The more people that “tap into” this kind of thinking, the better. A goldmind of thought-provoking perspectives, you’ve got to hand it to her.”

— Leila Williamson, ELICOS Teacher, Australian Pacific College

“Invigorated and empathetic, Arishma combines Eastern and European research and insight to bring light to eft and mindful practices. She is thoughtful, calming, spiritual.”

— Connie Khoo, Learning Consultant, EduTech

“Arishma is Enthusiastic, engaging and interesting. Great presentation with some very interesting content and tips for mindfulness.”

— Tina Brown, Publisher, HK Post

“Arishma is heartfelt, knowledgeable and spiritual. She gave a great presentation with her knowledge and experience.”

— Belle Oneile, Naturopath, NBIP

“Brilliant run through of cutting edge neuroscience and techniques to calm the mind and mind your mind. Arishma is fascinating, researched and practical.”

— Scott Kay, Director, Integrity Plus Accounting.

“Looking forward to minding my mind and investing in the EFT techniques and improving my mind. Arishma is calming with a positive attitude.”

— Simone Broadhurst, Project Manager, Arnotts

“Thank you for the practical tips using tapping points to ‘mind your mind’! Arishma is Open, engaging and warm.”

— Jo Reid, Senior Portfolio Manager, Westpac

“As a psychotherapist I was captivated with Arishma’s presentation. An easy tool to help people control their stress and anxiety. She is enthusiastic, entertaining and captivating.”

— Barry Lewis – Gestalt Psychotherapist

“Dynamic, honest, catchy and a practical presentation - Arishma is charming, practical and interactive.”

— Sarah Kinstead, Chaplain, Pastoral Supervisor and Educator, Soulcare

“Allowing me to understand how to mind my mind on a daily basis and to THRIVE. As a Speaker, Arishma is fresh, engaging with great understanding.”

— Kritika Goundar, Practice Leader, Civic Disability Services Ltd

“Engaging and inspiring. Arishma is a great exponent of the power of your mind. As a speaker, she comes across as friendly engaging down-to-earth.”

— Emma Riley, Junior Producer, Hogarth

“Arishma does a terrific job of tying Eastern & Western philosophies of the mind to provide a light-hearted and highly engaging talk. She is fun, engaging & insightful!”

— Travis Ng, Solution Architect, Whispir

“Arishma is Intelligent, convincing and fascinating. A wonderful speaker clearly and easily bringing to me the importance of “minding my mind” and why...”

— Anthony Fox, Founder, Distinguished Fox

“Arishma is a wealth of wisdom and knowledge and her authentic style exudes trust. Really enjoyed her energy. She is authentic, energised and humble.”

— Tony Holmwood – Author, Change management expert & Director - OUTPERF4M Consulting

“Arishma created a safe space to explore how we could calm our minds to be centered and achieve our desired outcomes both personally and professionally.She is centered, calming and caring.”

— Naomi Deck - Director of Mercy, Church by the Bridge

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