Taste Thrive

We offer you the opportunity to have a taste of what it means to thrive. For individuals, sessions start at $200/hour. This can be delivered face-to-face or via web meeting, depending on your needs. The session entails effectively establishing your key priorities and developing a bespoke program that you can self manage. We equip you with the tool, tailor it to your specific needs and you use it to empower yourself. This would suit individuals that are self driven and ready to thrive.

Commit to Thrive

This is for those who are ready to commit to thrive. The Commit to Thrive solution is a complete mindset change program delivered over the course of 21 days or 21 weeks (depending on your availability and lifestyle). This program will be completely personalised to you, with guidance at every step. This would suit those who are dedicated to peeling back the layers and going deep into the self limiting factors that prevent growth. This program is not for individuals that are not ready to take a hard look at their own barriers. Commit to Thrive is for those that are happy to be mentored, willing to be coached, and are ready to learn about themselves.


For more details contact: arishma@thrivewitheft.com 

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