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I believe there is incredible power at the intersection of growth and fun. 


Let's Thrive Together!


Message from Arishma

 We are in the health and wellness space, specialising in helping individuals reduce stress, anxiety and pressure. 


 Whether it is at work, school, home, sports or in our relationships, we strive to perform better in our quest for self growth. That is human nature. We compete for appreciation, recognition, attention and accomplishments. 


High performers understand that the higher you climb, the harder the climb becomes. Not only because the competition gets tough, but because this is the time that we are faced with balancing  our drive with our self care.


Thrive with EFT delivers mindset change programs. If you are keen, curious about self growth, open to learning and change  and most of all,  are clear on where you where you are going, then we are the right match! 


In my own personal journey, I have experienced waves of success while simultaneously living in shadows of self-doubt. My life long pattern was to continuously strive and drain my energy in doing so. In accomplishing my goals, I sacrificed my health, mental well being and peace in my relationships. My underlying belief was that success comes at a cost. What I have learned is that it does not have to be like that. Now I choose thrive, instead of strive. This is how Thrive With EFT was born. 


My hope for you is to feel empowered, to reach your goals, fulfil your passion, achieve emotional freedom and to find your own thrive, your own way to thrive.



Warm regards, Arishma.




Our humble beginnings at Fiji National University

What is EFT and How to apply it to reduce stress, pressure and anxiety?


The video below was shot in Fiji capturing my journey home, where I held my first workshop as Thrive with EFT. 


We were able to make it to the National University of Fiji where we were spoke to a group of lecturers and students. It was interesting to note that both groups were challenged by the same issue of workload. We worked together as a group on the issues of feeling overwhelmed, feeling pressured, dealing with expectations, and belief systems around  self doubt. 



A number of events had to be cancelled due to flooding. What inspired us was the way Fiji islanders cope. We hope you enjoy the clip. 


EFT for Teens

 Tapping with Arishma has been great for my two daughters and I. I was amazed to learn new things about my girls and It has really helped me understand them better, and myself as well. It helped my youngest see things in a new light, and enabled my teen to manage her school relationships better. I found Arishma open, considered and tailored to what we needed.   


Anonymous and two daughters, NSW, Australia

EFT for Relationships

"I was in an abusive relationship when I first had the session with Arishma. At that time I was not even certain how to label what was happening to me. Through various sessions I felt empowered to leave the relationship and start a whole new life for myself. EFT was one of the tools that I saw quick results with. I incorporate this along with yoga, meditation, mindfulness to work through the healing process. I found Arishma as a practitioner both incredibly professional and highly intuitive. Her ability to find what lies at  the core of my angst or anxieties is like no other practitioner I have worked with. She is able to hone in on the key issues through the telling of my concerns and tailors EFT scripts which align perfectly with the work that needs to be done. Through her treatment I have found clarity, reduced anxiety, increased knowledge of self and improving my self care practices. I highly recommend Arishma to anyone seeking relief from negative self talk, destructive behavioural patterns and anxiety. Through her support in our sessions I have become more empowered to make life choices that resonate with my values and lead a healthier life through setting conscious intentions for self love.

Thank you Arishma, may your work move many."


Monika, VIC, Australia

EFT for Work

"I contacted Arishma and EFT as I was going to have a difficult conversations with CEO, HR and Management regarding work conditions and staff morale. I came to see Arishma EFT for gaining clarity, confidence and  to communicate in a clear and direct way without this sense of anxiety and high emotion or confrontation.

I was amazed to find out during the process of EFT the trauma I experienced as a 5 year old and then 18 year old impacted my confidence. Needless to say after the sessions I did really well how I articulated myself in the meeting and indeed continuously to do so in my work life.

Since then I have been seeing Arishma and have been enjoying the benefits in other areas of my life and relationships. My life has now changed in many different ways and different areas, as I can now stop and take a step back when issues arise to look deeper into the way I interpret the world around me and question is this me now or something in the past that is driving these events, emotions and ways of behaviour. The awareness giving in the sessions helped bring the issue to light and look at it from an adult view and choose to give the event a new meaning and greater compassion for oneself and others.

I find Arishma as a practitioner is very clear, direct and deeply compassionate. Arishma is able to quickly decipher and simplify the dialogue expressed in the session to pin point the exact the moment and time of an event and bring it to one’s awareness to see the significant impact this has created. With empathy and integrity Arishma coached me, using my own words to recreate the experience and give it new meaning and bring a sense of peace and calmness removing the emotional blocks to create a new path and have a different conversation and exchange with one’s self and others."


Allan, New Zealand

EFT for Studies

"I saw Arishma in 2015 for EFT sessions. The session was focused around my severe anxiety of completing the last couple of subjects for my graduate degree. The anxiety was triggered by a deep personal event couple of months earlier which had resulted in a downward spiral of feeling worthless. Sessions with Arishma helped me feel more in control of my thoughts and feeling. Immediately after the session I felt more confident and calmer. I highly recommend Arishma if you too have felt pressures in life and gone through strong feelings of anxiety and depression. She’s a great practitioner and what makes her so great is the individualised and personalised session she offers."


Jane, NSW, Australia




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