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I believe there is incredible power at the intersection of growth and fun. 


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Message from Arishma

 We are in the health and wellness space, specialising in helping individuals reduce stress, anxiety and pressure. 

Research shows that productivity has a negative correlation to stress and pressure. "The Global Benefits Attitudes Survey (22,347 employees across 12 countries) found that levels of workplace disengagements significantly increase when employees experience high levels of stress" (Forbes, 2014).


 High performers understand that the higher you climb, the harder the climb becomes. Not only because the competition gets tough, but because this is the time that we are faced with balancing  our drive with our self care.



Thrive with EFT delivers mindset change programs. If you are keen, curious about self growth, open to learning and change  and most of all,  are clear on where you where you are going, then we are the right match! 


In my own personal journey, I have experienced waves of success while simultaneously living in shadows of self-doubt. My life long pattern was to continuously strive and drain my energy in doing so. In accomplishing my goals, I sacrificed my health, mental well being and peace in my relationships. My underlying belief was that success comes at a cost. What I have learned is that it does not have to be like that. Now I choose thrive, instead of strive. This is how Thrive With EFT was born. 


My hope for you is to feel empowered, to reach your goals, fulfil your passion, achieve emotional freedom and to find your own thrive, your own way to thrive.



Warm regards, Arishma.



Our brains are malleable. What will you do with it?


Every Saturday @ Spring Retreat Bondi Junction


May 25th to August 18th from 7pm - 8.30pm 


We will be holding a series of workshops on selected Saturdays based on the topic that is of interest to you. Topics we cover include but are not limited to:


·  Achieving your financial goals

·  Improving your relationships (both professional and personal)

·  Attaining physical well being

·  Reaching your career and learning goals


The first workshop was delivered on Saturday 12th May introducing EFT. It was received very well. 


The first workshop taught:

· How to reduce your stress levels by learning to improve constricted breathing

· How to free yourself from negative mental chatter

· How to release negative belief systems using tapping

Spaces at the workshop are limited, so please book ASAP using the eventbrite link below


Book your tickets :  


If you are a Spring Retreat customer, please call them on (02) 8542 4414 to get your code for a free ticket. Spaces are Limited.  


 Pain Management June 4th 2018 @ 7pm - 8.30pm


 Life was humming well, great career, friends, family and finances. At the age of 28 I found myself at St Vincent Hospital in their intensive care unit, diagnosed with pancreatitis. It took a while for me to restart work. After a significant period of being on pain relieving medication, my body seemed to have found a dependence on it and I felt hopeless. I have lived with physical pain and appreciate how it impacts the other aspects of life. There had to be another way. This began my quest to finding natural healing therapies.

Research shows us that pain is related to stress in our body. This is why relaxation techniques are often used to alleviate pain. Causes of symptoms according to Author and Specialist Louise Hay is a good place to start if you are looking for healing. Illness however mild or severe is an indicator of your emotional state, caused by your thoughts and focus.


In this workshop, I will teach you the emotional freedom technique so that you can use this simple yet effective method to reduce the stress in your body which in turn can assist you in managing your pain.


My approach is utilising complementary modalities to assist our body in reducing stress and negative emotions so that we give our body a good chance to heal.


If you too are looking into intuitive and accessible means of reducing stress in your body, please join me at this workshop.





 Teenage Stress Management June 4th 2018 7pm - 8.30pm


Teenagers face more stress these days than ever. Exam pressure, stress from school, hormonal changes, entering relationships, facing cyber bullying on social media, addiction to technology/video games, lack of sleep etc. are a few problems to name that is highly prevalent in their lives. Often teenagers are frustrated and unable to find stress relief despite the unconditional love and care they receive from their parents.

This workshop is facilitated by Arishma who is the Founder of Thrive With EFT.


Arishma has been a top performer (Dux of Primary and High School, Honors Grad from UNSW, employed at American Express, Google, Unilever, CareerOne & recently as Head of Sales Asia Pacific at Pivot Software).


Despite the success on paper, Arishma's internal world has been filled with fear, stress, negative emotions and she is very aware of the battles one faces everyday when feeling pressured. The mission of Thrive With EFT is to empower the future leaders of tomorrow, help them remove the blocks, negative belief systems and create a path where they feel responsible and accountable for their life. In her workshop she will teach the technique on how to cope in crisis, what strategy to develop when feeling down and why its important to take control of your life.


This event is for families - parents and children (10years +) who are interested in empowering their teenagers with a tool called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) also known as "Tapping". Arishma will teach you this simple technique on how to reduce stress, remove negative emotions and limiting beliefs to find the best way for your teenager to thrive.


We are looking forward to sharing this beautiful evening with you. 



 Self Care June 4th 2018 @12.30 - 2pm


Self care is crucial for our physical, mental and emotional well being. Some of us are quite good at the physical part of eating well, getting sunlight and exercising. Some go further into emotional health with mindfulness, journaling and meditation. Mental health, unfortunately, has a stigma attached to it. Society has conditioned us to label that anyone having a mental health challenge is basically “crazy” or “mentally ill”. This creates a reactive expression in our self communication and we block our frontal cortex by 'over functioning', repressing our emotions where no one can reach (not even ourselves).[h1] 


  • How do you communicate with yourself?
  • What is your inner dialogue?
  • What are your belief systems?
  • What are your thought patterns?


Despite being quite successful academically and professionally, I was not content with my inner-self. Inherently I carried a fear of failure and felt like a weirdo.


I also believed that I was very good with self care, but it was inconsistent and was based on my moods. There were phases:  yoga classes, retreats, sporadic dieting or cleansing “health kicks”, the list goes on. I was trying very hard.


 That is what I knew how to do best. Try hard, work hard and run myself into the ground.   


I was holding tightly to the following belief systems:


  • I am unlovable
  • No matter how hard I try, its not enough.
  • Money comes with hard work only.
  • I am not worthy/deserving/important.
  • Others come first....


This workshop is about your self care.


With some interactive exercises, we will excavate the deeply held belief systems we have that makes us say things like - 'I am so stupid", "I am an idiot", "There I go again, nut case", "I can't do it", "Its not in me" ...


If you are feeling brave to face your own inner dialogues, let's work on them and tap it away.





Introduction to EFT: May 6th 2018 10.30am -1230pm


  • Are you witnessing yourself having negative mind chatter, facing stress or find yourself holding onto old pain?
  • Are you finding that no matter how hard you try, its not enough?
  • Are you finding yourself lacking energy, tired and frustrated?
  • Are you simply interested in making a shift in your life because you know you are better than this?


EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a simple yet effective tool to manage your mind and free your emotions. In this workshop, Arishma will teach you the uses of EFT, the results it brings and practical exercises on how you can apply it in your life.


If you are interested in making a change, then take advantage of this one off free interactive workshop in Crows Nest.




Fiji National University

What is EFT and How to apply it to reduce stress, pressure and anxiety?


The video below was shot in Fiji capturing my journey home, where I held my first workshop as Thrive with EFT. 


We were able to make it to the National University of Fiji where we were spoke to a group of lecturers and students. It was interesting to note that both groups were challenged by the same issue of workload. We worked together as a group on the issues of feeling overwhelmed, feeling pressured, dealing with expectations, and belief systems around  self doubt. 



A number of events had to be cancelled due to flooding. What inspired us was the way Fiji islanders cope. We hope you enjoy the clip. 




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