Humble Beginnings

The video was shot in Fiji capturing my journey home, where I held my first workshop as Thrive with EFT in 2018. We were able to make it to the National University of Fiji where I spoke to a group of lecturers and students. Since then, it has been my passion to find THRIVE in my own personal and professional life. The more I worked with others, the better my methodologies got refined. Over the years, we have delivered a number of workshops, keynotes and personal coaching empowering individuals to THRIVE. Arishma has used her experience from the corporate world, along with Emotional Freedom Techniques learnings into a free app, her first book and a quiz . We hope you enjoy being part of our journey towards personal and professional growth.

Hailing from the beautiful islands of Fiji in the South Pacific, Arishma is of Indian descent. She has been living in Australia for over two decades...

Coming from a family of teachers, high performance has been an intrinsic value of Arishma's. She was the Dux of her primary and secondary schools in Fiji. In June 2000, Arishma travelled alone to Australia on a student visa. To meet her financial obligations, she found herself juggling both studies and work priorities. Arishma graduated with honours (B.Com) from the University of New South Wales in 2005.

Post graduation, she continued to strive towards success, working for credible brands like American Express, HRX (now People Scout), Google Australia, and recently with Pivot Software as Head of Sales (Asia Pacific). Driven, ambitious and a hard worker, she was happy to work long hours, enjoying the benefits of recognition, great pay and the comfort life brought. So she continued to strive for the next success. However, Arishma's success came at a cost.

In 2010 Arishma was admitted to hospital suffering severe pancreatitis, where she spent 3 weeks fighting for her life in ICU and 3 months in post recovery. This was the beginning her journey of self discovery, acceptance of her conditions and healing. Over the last decade, Arishma has had to battle several episodes of life threatening conditions which puzzled her and the medical industry. In 2020 when the world was battling with Covid, Arishma went through a major episode . This time medical technology and science in genetics had improved greatly. She has been lucky enough to become part of a genetic trial since 2022.

In addition to regular medical care, in 2010 she discovered complementary modalities, such as meditation, mindfulness, Reiki, cognitive and behavioural therapies, body work, Bikram Yoga, EFT, Kinesiology etc. She found EFT used by several therapists and they were proving to be very effective in crisis management. EFT intrigued Arishma so much that she became invested in not only using the modality but also becoming a Practitioner. As an EFT Practitioner, she is accredited by EFT International, Evidence Based EFT and EFT Universe. She also is a professional member of The Gary Craig Optimal EFT Course. Arishma is dedicated to her ongoing professional development in this field. Arishma also is a Reiki Master (Usui, Holy Fire & Karuna Reiki).

Being a high performer, she empathises with the challenges ambitious individuals face in their journey towards success. The struggles experienced by you are understood. If she has gained anything tangible from her work life, it is active listening skills. She is able to aptly use her corporate experience to create sessions and programs tailored to the individual or group. She is passionate about helping you thrive in whatever area you wish to work on, be it self care, finding that motivation and empowering you in achieving success the way you hope you to gain. She has managed and mentored many through out her career and is sought after for her direct, authentic and compassionate demeanour.

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